Geotagging: The Hidden Threat To Wildlife

Geotagging: The Hidden Threat To Wildlife

11 Dec 2022

When you visit Indalu Game Reserve, you are in for a lifetime experience beyond your wildest expectations. Outings with the whole family are just that more special and unforgettable memories are forged. Memories that deserve immortalization on camera. We wholeheartedly encourage our visitors to bring along their cameras!

But, with technology comes new threats, not only to online security, banking, and all the cyber threats experts constantly warn us about - but to our precious wildlife, our Indalu family, too. One of these threats is called geotagging.

What is geotagging? Every time you snap a photo, your device saves location-specific information as metadata with your photo. This location-specific metadata can be extracted from a photo with software or by viewing the properties of the photo. When you post your photos online, some search engines can find location-specific photos by the GPS coordinates provided. It is useful when you do research about a particular area you plan to visit. It also poses a threat to wildlife such as elephants and rhinos because it provides the exact real-world location where a photo was taken.

Unfortunately, our region is not immune to the threats posed by poachers. We care deeply about our wildlife and for their safety, we ask our visitors to kindly switch off geotagging on devices when visiting Indalu Game Reserve.

Please help us protect our Indalu Family.

Instructions on how to remove geotagging on Android

Instructions on how to remove geotagging on iOS devices